Adverse Media Screening

Adverse Media, means national or regional news coverage in television, radio, print or internet media that is likely to have a negative impact on revenue, reputation, community relations, public trust or goodwill.

Negative media inquiries are an important element of customer due diligence processes aimed at uncovering a risk or allegation that a person or organization is involved in criminal activity. In such cases, there is always a risk of being associated with individuals or organizations with negative press. This puts your business at risk of financial and reputational damage.

What are negative media environments?

Negative media environment does not only consist of news content. We consider many situations such as articles, writings, social media content, etc. written about the person or organization and share the results of these with our customers.

One thing to keep in mind is that not every person or organization that has been negatively reported or negatively written about is guilty. You need to take into account the risk situation and ensure that all stages of customer identification are carried out.

The FATF recommends that organizations use verifiable Adverse Media to build risk profiles of their clients and understand the nature of their business. The FATF also emphasizes investigating whether clients have been subject to retrospective criminal investigations or regulatory penalties.

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