Transaction Monitoring

A suspicious transaction is any information, suspicion or reason to suspect that the assets subject to the transaction made or attempted to be made by or through obligors or obligees have been obtained illegally, used for money laundering or illegal purposes, used by terrorist organizations, terrorists or terrorist financiers, or related or connected to them.

Easily identify, score, track and monitor your Transaction and Customer risks, get fast results and protect your brand against risky transactions.

  • Levelize Customer, Service, Product and Transaction risks

  • Create possible risk scenarios

  • Creating a customer risk score

  • Immediate sanction inquiry

  • Alert mechanisms for risky transactions and customers

  • High TPS (Throughput Per Second)

You can easily create scenarios using our rule engine and analyze all your transactions based on Risk categories.

Automatically run warning mechanisms according to the determined risk levels.

There is absolutely no limit in this area, we can create all kinds of risk scenarios in an open-ended way. Thus, we minimize the risk situation.

What are the transactions that can be considered suspicious?

  • There is a reason for suspicion, such as being offered money to make a transaction or negative news about the customer in the media about money laundering or terrorist financing

  • Customers have a commercial or other relationship with risky persons or organizations,

  • Lack of correlation between customers' profession, financial status and transactions

  • Customers have a commercial or other relationship with risky persons or organizations

  • Transferring or withdrawing money electronically to a commercial account opened in risky countries without any commercial explanation and economic purpose

  • The organization receives donations only from abroad or a significant portion of the donations originate from abroad

  • Transferring deposits to third parties in a short period of time as a result of transfer transactions from or through risky countries

These are processes similar to these situations.

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