Pioneer in AML Service with Batch Inquiry from File

At AML Service, we offer file-to-batch querying to help you assess your clients faster and more efficiently. This feature enables you to optimize your business processes, conduct more comprehensive risk assessments and maximize your AML compliance.

What is Batch File Querying?

Batch query from file allows you to quickly query large amounts of customer data in a single step. With this feature, instead of entering customer information one by one, you can perform a batch query by transferring data from a file. This is a great advantage, especially for financial institutions and large-scale businesses.

Why Use Batch Inquiry from File?

Fast and Efficient Processing:

Speed up your operations and increase efficiency by querying large data sets in one go.

Accuracy and Precision:

Ensure data accuracy by minimizing errors that may occur during manual data entry.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment:

Perform a more comprehensive risk assessment by bringing all customer data together and identify potential risks in advance.

Strengthen AML Compliance:

Batch query from file is an important tool to ensure AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance. Analyze your customers, transactions and associated risks in more detail.

How to use it?

Using our file bulk inquiry service is quite simple:

File Upload:

Upload your file containing the customer data you wish to query.

Data Matching:

Our system automatically identifies the data you uploaded and initiates the relevant checks.

Results and Analysis:

View the results of the query in detail. Easily identify risky transactions and customers.

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Strengthen your AML compliance and manage your customers' risk profiles more effectively with batch querying from file. Optimize your business processes, increase efficiency and ensure financial security. As AML Service, we put you at the forefront with bulk file queries.

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